The International Beer Day

The International Beer Day is just around the corner! Every year on the first Friday in August, it is time for many people to meet friends and clink glasses.

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages worldwide. That is why the “International Beer Day” was launched in 2008. The initiators Jesse Avshalamov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, Richard Hernandez, Tyler Burton and Ryland Hale from the USA created an increasingly popular day, on which people come together and devote themselves to the pleasures of beer. Not only the gathering with loved ones is on the agenda, but also the men and women of this world who brew and serve the beer so carefully are honoured. In 2011, 278 official events took place in 23 countries, followed by 353 events in 50 countries already in 2012 and almost 400 events around the world in 2013. The festivity is getting ever more popular.

So, the International Beer Day is just around the corner now. On August 3rd of this year, it is once again time to jointly celebrate the beers of all nations and thereby unite the world. Why of all days is the celebration held on the first Friday in August? The answer is quite simple: In August, the weather is usually sunny and no other holiday is nearby.

Until 2012, the International Beer Day took place on August 5th, but the initiators were sure: beer and working days do not go together very well, and so the holiday was moved to the first Friday in August. A perfect time to enjoy beer more relaxed.

Beer is annually celebrated at the national level, too. Every year on April 23rd, various breweries, restaurateurs, and beverage merchants offer several promotions to celebrate the beverage. We still have to be patient until this festivity takes place again in 2019, but we are already looking forward to it!

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