Our values.

Marienthaler not only values modern production using optimised processes to manufacture a creative product, but also the responsibility to its customers, employees, suppliers and our environment. We actively assume this responsibility and have been developing solutions for many years as part of the further development of our processes. We particularly focus here on the responsible handling of energy, water and raw materials. We view ourselves as part of an ethically operating economy which is socially committed and environmentally aware.

This means in detail:

  • Respect for the individual, his/her beliefs, ethnic origin and culture.
  • We are just as committed to the law as to the conservation of nature and to our customers. With respect to the latter, Marienthaler views itself on principle as a fair, reliable and responsible partner. This partnership is always a trustful and sustainable collaboration.
  • We refuse corruption on principle just as we expect honesty and incorruptibility from our own employees.