Your specialist for coaster.

As a medium-sized enterprise, we have evolved hand in hand with our clients over many decades, and expanded into global markets together with them. In keeping with our traditional business values, we have kept a firm eye on technological developments and continuously optimized our processes. We take pride in being one of the best-performing companies in our industry, as evidenced by more than 1 billion coasters that leave our factory in Schleiden-Gemünd each year.

Established in 1889, our company was a family-owned business for 130 years. In mid-2021 the company was acquired by the Koehler Group in Oberkirch. Our skilled staff manufactures high-grade beer mats and coasters, fulfilling orders of all quantities for breweries ranging from small-scale operations to global corporations. We are proud of our team, whose passion and dedication to the product achieve uncompromising quality and efficient, trouble-free service at the highest level. Coasters made from the very best cardboard material – a strong product for strong brands, every single time